Laura Hayford, ACC. Founder of Lives Enriched: Coaching for Better Lives

Welcome. My name is Laura. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit us. 

Do you feel like your life is an unfinished story? Do you still have dreams, goals, and chapters to write? It is not by coincidence you are here. Today is the day for you to begin to revive your dreams. Today could be the day you make a commitment to writing the next chapter in the story of you. A decision you make, now, could be the foundation of the legacy you leave to the world and the people you love most. We are here, standing beside you, to make sure you have all it takes to make that happen.

Do you feel like you are floundering in your career? Are you wondering what happened to your relationships—where they became weakened? Are you feeling “less than” and insecure? We are not just here to guide you to your mountain-top moments. We are here for your daily, whole-life well-being. Please read on to discover how we can help you create a stronger family unit, take charge of your career, learn the power of negotiation, reinvent yourself and master any major life change you may be facing. 

Make an investment in your happiness; become empowered, get the needed skills, develop a plan for success, and get what you deserve in life. Let’s begin building a life enriched with achievement, confidence, mountain-top experiences and personal success; right now, today. You are worth it.